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Random shootings are now being organized

The problem with taking lots and lots of photos is that they keep getting harder to organize. In the past I tried to organize everything via a file system, but my cache keeps growing and the time to sort and fiddle with directories and links is also growing. Sure, I could probably build some type of snazzy DB and maybe even a website for it as well, but I would be happier if I didn’t snort another line of code in my life again. I even thought of trying to force iTunes to organize my photos, but the hassle-benefit ratio was too high.

Luckily for me the company that can do no evil (Google) has made Picasa to help us organize photos. It has more features than I’d like, but it does what I need it to do very well. My only wish is that it had a method for including copyright information into the photo. Luckily I own the copyrights to most of my photos, but I can see it being more of a problem in the future. So if anyone knows of a product with the organization capabilities of Picasa, but also keeps track of photo dependent data then please let me know. (Perhaps all I need is a decent EXIF editor :S.)

One thing I like about Picasa is that I can upload images for printing to Snapfish, which I also use for developing my negatives. I wish they supported uploading images to Imageshack and Photosig =D.

While I’m on the subject of photos, I’ll remind Charlie that its time for a Irish party with photos from her last Halloween Party.

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